1. The Stream

    Date 26 May 2017
    The Stream She was lost in the woods. She sat down by the creek. Arms around her knees. Her face towards the moonlight. With her eyes closed, she listened. She heard the wind through the trees. The creaking of the branches. But what stood out, what held her captive, was…

  2. VEGAS … at the edge of Barstow

    Date 14 Nov 2016
    Went on the road from LA to Vegas to shoot with Amber Hayes. She lived up to the hype. Here are some never before seen unpublished photos.

  3. PONO

    Date 16 Dec 2015
    “Do not go gentle into that good night my lovely. Rage, rage against the dying of the light. There shall be no mercy, for any force that stands in your way, blocking the path of your righteousness.” I find it strange sitting in a cafe in Hilo remembering great things…


    Date 12 Dec 2015
    We spent the night in this rickety old cabin and woke up fairly early because the solar inverter was in our room and it needed to be flicked on. So Charlie hollered from the other room asking if we could switch it on. All and all I had a glorious…

  5. HAOLE

    Date 11 Dec 2015
    I woke up drenched in sweat. Sweaty from the long night of looking over my shoulder, hearing every crack and crash of waves yet not being able to see a thing. The sun was streaming through the clouds off in the distance and Giovanna was tuckered out in the  backseat.…

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