Hi, My name is Vincent. I am a photographer, writer, editor, and cinematographer. I'm not much for bio's, so here are four interesting facts about myself.  ~V

Words words words...

I have been a writer since I was a wee child. I stuttered as kid and this forced me to put my thoughts down on paper. As I grew out of my stammer,  I continued to write. I fell in love with words. With prose. With how a combination of twenty six letters can create a world. A romance. An adventure. So,  I became a man of letters. I am a screenwriter, published poet, journalist, novelist- a professional scribe of sorts.

Accidental Photographer

When I read Making Movies by Sydney Lumet, I wanted to become a director more than anything. I spent far too much time drawing story-boards for my first films, when I learned that Michael Mann uses a SLR during rehearsals to decide his framing. So I adapted the technique and I really threw myself into it. The emotional differences between lenses, lighting, and technique can be magic. A great image can tell an incredible story.

Painting with light...

A camera is the audience, and the cinematographer is audience's therapist. With lighting, camera placement-movement, blocking, lenses, and a million tiny little things that make every frame a painting, you can, from thin air, materialize a beautiful moment. Capture it. Savor it. But more importantly, you create a feeling by simply painting with light. Staying electromagnetic all the way.  The shadows are nothing without the light to define them.

Self Educated

"Classes will dull your mind, destroy the potential for authentic creativity." Every skill I posses, every golden nugget of wisdom I've acquired, has been self taught. Ray Bradbury said, "I don't believe in colleges & universities. I believe in libraries." Isaac Asimov said, "Self education, I firmly believe, is the only kind of education there is." But, what sums up how I feel about simply, learning, is this quote, "Go to a library and educate yourself, if you've got any guts." Frank Zappa

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